Update on the bleeding

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Update on the bleeding
Sat, 05-17-2008 - 3:18am

Just wanted to update. I am still bleeding, but not a lot. I would say it's more spotting (about a quarter sized spot on a mini pad in 8 hours. The last miscarriage I had all came on in a day, passing clots, cramping, etc. This is all so strange. I have had a couple bouts of nausea where I felt like I was going to throw up. A little low cramping, but not bad. I have read and read about bleeding during early pregnancy, I personally never have. I wish I didn't have the questionable ultrasound last Tuesday to go with this. Funny how the bleeding started within 2 hours after the vaginal u/s. So....I wait. I still plan on going in on Tuesday for my scheduled appt. At least then I will know.

Thanks for all your p & pt, I need them.

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Mon, 05-19-2008 - 3:59pm

P & PT headed your way for Tuesday. I know this is a scary time but just focus on your bean and talk to him or her about holding on tight in there! I hope this spotting is nothing of consequence and that tomorrow will be very reassuring.