The acupuncture dr believes in us!!

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The acupuncture dr believes in us!!
Fri, 01-21-2005 - 11:52am

OMG - after meeting with her, I wonder why I was putting this off for so long!?? I can't know yet, if it's going to make the difference, but she believes we can make this happen. She sees no reason why it couldn't. Wow - to have a dr truly in our corner!? I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I don't have to do this all alone...

She says she doesn't believe in infertility, that only about 5% of the population is truly infertile, and unable to get pregnant. Interesting concept!

I am so proud, because she looked over all my vitamins and herbs and didn't feel the need to change much! So my research and gut feeling on what I should take were right! Yay me!!

What she did suggest was dropping the vitex and raspberry leaf tea so that I could try a Dong Quai combo from day 1 to O and a pituitary homepathic on days 8, 11 & 14. But, since the remedies won't be in till day 13 of this cycle, she said to continue with the Vitex and Raspberry Leaf for now.

She also wants me to start on Thyroid drops, because even though my results came back within range, she still felt that it may be too low.

And the proudest moment!!! After giving her my long, long history of recurrent miscarriage, stress, sick children, stress, divorce, stress, single parenthood, stress, sickness, stress, years of insomnia, stress, workaholic, stress, on and on - she was sure that my adrenal glands were EXHAUSTED!

So she tested my adrenals and they came back normal and healthy!! Which means all the herbs and lifestyle changes have made a difference - again - YAY ME!!

So she did the acupuncture in my ankles and in my lower abdomen. I got tingly feelings in my right groin and then a strong pain in my upper right shoulder. She said we will have to watch that.

I came home so tired, and was asleep on the couch by 8:30PM! I was awake for a bit after I went to bed, waiting for Rob to come to bed, and again when his alarm went off, but then slept till 8AM - that's a lot of sleep for me!

Anyhow, I feel good today, and we go back on Sat for another treatment. She wants me to have it twice a week till O.

She also taught me some relaxation methods to help relax my racing mind and anxiety. She wants me to write out all the negative things I am feeling and then write positive affirmations next to them...

i.e. I am not good enough... I am good enough!

She asked how I was handling my grief. Well, I haven't been. I've been redirecting with working, researching, reading, learning, trying to get control. She said I have spent a lifetime helping others, now it's time to focus on me. I laughed, because I have been feeling so selfish lately - that I am already too focused on me!

I guess it's true though, I tend to help and protect others without thinking of the drain it takes on me. When she asked why I wasn't letting myself grieve, I said it was because no-one wants to hear my grief...

I saw an interesting side of Rob that he has been hiding from me, though. When he talked to her about us trying each month, I watched his eyes light up and get excited when he talked about our hopes that it would work, that it would stick this time.

He has kept his feelings quiet, trying to support me, not letting me see how hopeful he is, or how disappointed he gets. I've worried sometimes that he is only doing this to please me - but I could see in him yesterday that this is truly his heart's desire. How did I find such a wonderful man!??

Anyhow, I am rambling now, but it was a great visit and I am feeling hopeful that she will be able to help us...

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Fri, 01-21-2005 - 12:41pm

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

I am soo excited for you! Such wonderful news that you have someone like that in your corner. I love what she says about infertility. You are an inspiration to have so much energy and positivity in spite of all the negativity.

I want to tell you(if I haven't already before) that I am currently working with a very well known Naturapath in NYC who has been an MD in France and has practices as a Naturapath for over 25 years here. He also does some acupuncture but mainly works with homeopathy, herbs, diet and supplements. I went to him after I got prg last year because my good friend told me he saved her pregnancy. Unfortunately I still had a mc in my first trimester, but I have been working with him ever since to get healthy and balanced. He did diagnose me with chronic fatigue dificiency syndrome and I am now on weekly iv's (mega doses of Vit B complex and a particular form of Vit C that is much more effective than others) Even though I have only had two of these ivs so far I feel so much better! I am beginning to get my energy back! My bloodwork showed my thyroid OK but my adrenals were tapped, so I am taking it easier, slowing down, not letting stress affect me as much. BREATHING more. Deep breathing. Thinking positive thoughts. Feeling happier for no reason at all... I think all of that is starting to pay off but I need a couple more months like this before I start bding again. Also my naturapath thinks that my mcs were in large part due to my partner smoking dope and also taking a migraine medicine that has been known to cause defects and problems. I am working on having my partner stop asap but he is a tough nut to crack, I have been working on thim to stop this for some time. He did stop smoking cigarettes over a year ago so that is great, and he does say he wants to stop the other stuff. Pray for me that he does stop! My naturapath said, "hey you are doing this work on getting yourself incredibly healthy but your 50% partner over there, what is he doing?" He is right.

By the way, this very same naturapath had a client who had done ART for years in her 40's and never got prg, then gave up. She had gone to see him when she was 51 or so and worked with him for a year. she also had chronic fatigue syndrome which got better, and she reversed the signs of menopause and better yet, she got pregnant at 52!!!!!!!! And her baby was totally healthy. ISn't that great? So you know it does happen. Plus you have given birth before so that also increases your odds.

you are doing all the right things. I really believe you will get this babe you have been dreaming of and I bet it will happen this year!!

all my best to you
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