BT Monday!!!!!

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BT Monday!!!!!
Fri, 03-12-2004 - 6:20pm
Hi everyone.

I can't believe the 2 ww is almost over from my IUI on the 1st. I have my BT on Monday. I am trying not to read into any of the symptoms I have, since the Bravelle and Estrogen are probably the cause. I am thinking that if I don't get a BFP then I may be hanging it up for good. I am really tired of this consuming my life and am ready to move on one way or another.

Prayers and positive thoughts to everyone else testing in the next week.


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Fri, 03-12-2004 - 7:28pm
Hi Mary,

I wanted to send tons and tons of

+++++++++Prayers+++++++++vibes and Baby Dust your way!!!!!!++++++

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Mon, 03-15-2004 - 8:04am

Mary I'm praying for a big +++ for you.

Hugs and baby dust