Can Anyone Relate?

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Can Anyone Relate?
Fri, 05-30-2003 - 5:08pm
I had a miscarriage in December at 6 weeks. My regular cycle resumed in January and everything has been fine. Last month, I got my period at 31 days which is normal (I usually run 29-32 days) but instead of the normal 7 days, it lasted 14 days. It wasn't heavy after the first few days but I still needed to wear something. So here we are in May and counting from the first day of my April period, I am at 38 days. I'm feeling some cramps on and off and my boobs are hurting so it feels like my AF is coming but no sign yet. I guess I should mention that I am 45 - this is a second marriage and I already have two children ages 12 and 15. I have mixed feelings about getting pregnant --- after the miscarriage, we pretty much decided we were too old to start all over again but we also haven't been real careful. So can anyone relate to these symptons? My temperature is not really elevated.