can a cyst make af late??

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can a cyst make af late??
Wed, 11-03-2004 - 12:11pm
Hi Ladies,

I was on a rest cycle from iui because of a cyst found on cd3. Normally af arrives on cd 27 or 28. I am now on cd 34. I went for blood test this morning but won't get results till tomorrow afternoon. When I asked the nurse at RE's office she said a cyst could possible make af late. She also said sometimes people get cysts, then get pregnant. I feel a little crampy, but not bad. This month has been so hectic and busy,and because of the cyst, I did not think about getting pregnant. I think we had bms on cd 18, usually o around cd14, but I don't know if I did this month. Sorry this is so long, any ideas??


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Thu, 11-04-2004 - 9:04am

I don't know Patty.