Clomid question (child ment)

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Clomid question (child ment)
Sat, 09-20-2003 - 4:30pm
Hi, I'm 40 and hoping to add a sib for my 1 yr old dd. I took clomid to conceive her since my cycles were really long after having a m/c at 16 weeks. The clomid 50 mg days 5-9 made me O on cd 17. I got pg on the 2nd cycle, thankfully.

Now that my dd is weaned and I have had 2 af's now, I'm back to Oing late. Last cycle was cd 28! I'm on my first clomid cycle, same dose and time and I'm cd 18 with tons of ewcm but NO breast tenderness which happens to me all the time, clomid or no clomid. I go on Thursday, 5 days from now for blood work that will show if I O'd or not. I'm temping and doing the monitor so I know I haven't O'd. All I get is a high but no peak.

Those of you that have done clomid before did you O close to the same time with each cycle? I did on cd 17 last time on both rounds. I guess I was hoping for the same thing this time. I'm depressed about this. I know it's only the first cycle, but if the clomid doesn't work, then this is it. We cannot afford infertility treatments. As it is, my OB is sneaking me in under the pretense of irregular menses!

Thanks for ANY advice or hope you can give.

Kelly CC1 Cd 18 and no signs of O for me!