DHEA Study (sounds good to me)

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DHEA Study (sounds good to me)
Mon, 08-01-2005 - 5:37pm

Hi Ladies, for those of you that have high FSH or Premature Ovarian Failue, this study is very recent and sounds promising. You really should ask your RE before taking it.
Here is the website

I have my RE looking into it for me.

Just another thing, If you have recurrant m/c's, ask your RE to check for antibodies. I've been seeing an RE for 3 years and now that I am seeing a new RE, he has run all kinds of blood tests, he seems to think that I have an autoimmune disorder and is waiting for the rest of my results. I can't beleive it took this long and 4 m/c's for someone to check this out.

Best of luck to you all,

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Tue, 08-02-2005 - 8:57am

Hi Marianne,

I posted that story back in Dec 04. (do a search on this site of DHEA). My RE at the time said that there wasn't enough of a study done on this to prove anything but he told me I could take 25mg of DHEA without a problem. I took 75 mg (close to the amount the 43 yr old had success with. I believe that was 80 mg). During that time I was taking injectibles and actually had no luck with it. I took it for about 5 months and all I managed to get were chin hairs and oily skin. I have since stopped (and chin hairs are gone thankfully)and started going to a new RE (a much better one in my opinion). She said she has heard of this too but really didn't see much value in it so I have not started back with the DHEA. By the way, I am having much better response to things just because this RE changed protocol.

I don't want to be a downer but I wanted to share my experience with it, our bodies are all different and respond differently. You never know who this might work for.