Does relaxation help your chances?

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Does relaxation help your chances?
Wed, 11-11-2009 - 1:44pm

I know the most dreaded piece of advice to those who are trying to conceive is "just relax, it will happen", which is much easier said than done as you can all

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Sat, 11-14-2009 - 1:49pm

Hey Melissa:

As someone who really struggled with TTC for 18 months - 18 months following 2 miscarriages and the associated recovery time - I have to say that I conceived in the cycle that was deliberately designated for relaxation.

My DH & I were like subjects in a huge science project... temping, charting, BD timing, vitamins, supplements, quarterly appointments with the RE, hysteroscopy, then Clomid... everything but IUI and IVF. At my last appointment with my RE, she said that our chances at conception with IVF, IUI, and Expectant Management (with or without Clomid) were all about the same... 5% - so we were naturally discouraged from spending the money on invasive procedures. Instead, we took the money we'd have spent on IVF and went on a cruise. Sounds indulgent, and it was... but we had the stats from the RE and figured why the heck not?!?

The cruise was perfectly timed for my fertile days. I took yoga every morning (something that I had never done before). DH & I relaxed, we had fun, we had lovely dinners and drinks, and we BD'd when we wanted to. I was taking Clomid. It was my 3rd cycle, which is when it is said to be the most effective. It was the "perfect storm" and we were very lucky too!

Sawyer was conceived on the cruise. He will be one year old next week. We have a new son and great memories of a once in a lifetime vacation for us.

Now... that doesn't mean that it was the procreation vacation that made the difference... but it certainly didn't hurt... except the pocketbook, and I can't even resent that given the results!

As an aside, when I reported to my RE about the pregnancy she said, "That's it... I am changing the sign on my door to "Cruise Seller"!!!"

Best wishes Melissa and to all you TTC gals!

(former TTC > 40 CL)