Elizabeth Edwards has babies at 48 & 50

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Elizabeth Edwards has babies at 48 & 50
Sun, 07-18-2004 - 3:14am

I just posted this on another board, and thought it might be of interest here as well.

It's an excerpt from "Time" magazine. The prior paragraph discusses her grief over losing her oldest child, when he was 16, in a freak car accident. (Wife of John Edwards, democratic VP nominee).

"Elizabeth has said they decided to try to have more children to bring joy back into their home. It wasn't easy, but through intensive fertility treatments—the details of which she declines to discuss—she got pregnant. Elizabeth was 48 when Emma Claire arrived; she gave birth to John "Jack" Atticus at 50. However, she is by no means eager to be a spokeswoman for those trying to push the limits of reproductive biology. She was lucky, she says: "I don't want women to think, She did it at 50; so can I. It's extremely difficult to have children at a later age."

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Sun, 07-18-2004 - 2:38pm
Yes, I saw that too. I was definitely thinking she used donor eggs, which is why she may not want to disclose much information?