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Thu, 07-15-2010 - 2:09pm

Hi all,

A few questions for you all:

1. Do you all excercise?

2. What are your thoughts on excercise and TTC?

3. If you do excercise, what types of excercise do you do?

4. Do you find cutting back on excercise for TTC purposes ups your stress levels?

Here's the scoop on my queries:

I am concerned about excercise. I am a bit of an anxious person and also have a desk (ie, sedentary) job, so I really enjoy a nice vigorous, aerobic workout a few times a week. I don't do it to the point of exhaustion, but I do love to run/jog, and do a few weights in the gym.

But now I am concerned that I am putting my fertility at risk.

(Here is my chart if you are interested) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/flappergirl2

After I O'd, I went for a nice, good run on the treadmill the evening of 17DPO. The next morning (18DPO) I noticed a substantial dip in temp. My temps in the LP are still above coverline but I am concerned. Did I inhibit inplantation because I ran? Does that temp dip mean something is wrong?

I also was really tired at the verrrry end of the night, cranky, and DH and I got into a big argument (which makes me sad to think about since we have a normally loving R). We both woke up way too early the morning of my temp dip and finished the argument. I was being a jerk the night before.

I wonder if I screwed up my chances this month from that one night of exercise and arguing. :(

I guess time will tell...

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-Dianne, 41 yo
DH 37

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Very good questions! First of all, to ease your mind -- one night of fighting won't affect your chances. And secondly, it might be a wee bit early, but that temp drop could be an implantation dip. I really, really like that notion.

As for exercise -- I'm curious about what people have to say. I've been reading "Making Babies" by Jill Blakeway (my acupuncturist) and Sami David. I'll be honest, a lot of what they write triggers my B.S. detector, but the info on exercise is interesting. They say lots of high-impact aerobic exercise -- training for a marathon, for example -- has a negative effect on both male and female fertility. They recommend more gentle activities -- walking, swimming, yoga, etc.

Due to the IVFs I've given up running, which makes me very sad. I've been trying to do the elliptical and/or stationary bike at least three times a week. If I did no exercise at all I would lose my mind.

Susan CB

TTC #1 at age (gulp) 42

June 2008: m/c

April 2010: IVF #1 -- chemical pregnancy

June 2010: IVF #2 -- BFN

Susan CB

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I'm noooo health expert but I really believe

About me: A pixie in the city, 41, TTC#1 since May 2010, married 18 years.

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I agree with exactly what you said, Susan!

:-) Brandy, 42 yrs. old

Mom of a fifteen n month old precious little boy, conceived in Aug. 08 on our second IUI attempt (C

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I would think the only concerning thing would be the word "vigorous" to describe the exercise.


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Thu, 07-15-2010 - 5:35pm
I do pilates and water aerobics. it is important to also take care of yourself! -martha
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Both my previous and current RE's say to definitely exercise and don't quit... so I don't think its the exercise. I've gotten pg while an instructor and while just working out regularly...The only concerning thing would be very intense exercise that has disrupted your cycle, etc.

Hang in there!

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Thu, 07-15-2010 - 7:26pm
I agree, I've tried it both ways.


Susan V