Fallopian tube test, what to expect

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Fallopian tube test, what to expect
Mon, 11-22-2004 - 10:59pm
Hi there! My doctor is suggesting we do a HSG test on my fallopian tubes after my next cycle, to rule out any blockage, etc. I'm wondering what to expect in terms of pain. He told me to just take an Advil, but I've read some articles online about how it can be very painful. Sure doesn't sound like fun, but I know it has to be done. How was it for any of you who've had it done? Thanks for your help! :) Missy
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Tue, 11-23-2004 - 9:07am

Hello. I had an HSG done several years ago when DH & I first started having difficulty getting pg because I had had a successful tubal reversal several years before that but my dr. thought scar tissue may have closed my tubes again. I found it to be "uncomfortable" but not really extremely painful. I recommend taking a couple of extra strength Tylenol about an hour before the exam and as needed after that because you will likely have some cramping for a day or two afterward. It is not really as bad as all that. Also, you will be glad you had it so you & you doctor know what steps to take next to help you conceive.

Good luck and try not to worry.

Linda :)

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Tue, 11-23-2004 - 4:09pm

Hi Missy,

I just had that test in Sept. and to be perfectly honest I found it to be quite painful, however I did forget to take the advil beforehand as directed. The pain started once the dye was released. It felt like severe menstrual cramps and lasted until 2 hours after the test. After that I felt perfectly fine and continued on with my daily activities but for a short while after the test the doctor did not permit me to leave because I looked so bad. I don't want to be negative but I do wish somebody told me this beforehand as I was told light cramping and I am used to strong cramps with my cycle. I do feel if I took the advil as directed I may have been in better shape. Good luck. I hope all goes well for you..


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Thu, 11-25-2004 - 11:08pm

Hey Missy:

I had my HSG last month, and I found it to be a little nasty too. It was the pressure they had to use to push the dye through and it pushed open the muscle of the uterous. I am surprised that docs are saying to use ibprofen (advil and motrin) because it increases over all risk of bleeding. Personally, I took a vicodin about an hour after the procedure and that finally stopped the pain. I agree with Lisa, premedicating would have been a better idea. Good luck, I hope you have free flowing of your tubes!!


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Wed, 12-01-2004 - 11:30am


I, too, had an HSG in June. I took a couple of advil an hour before (as instructed).
The procedure itself was definitely uncomfortable for me - involved some intense cramping for a few seconds, but the cramps dissipated VERY quickly. I felt a bit uncomfortable and bloated the rest of the day but just fine the following day. Good luck. Martha