feedback from anyone ?

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feedback from anyone ?
Mon, 09-27-2004 - 5:13pm
I thought someone might have some feedback to doing PGD.

Today is day 3 and my US/lab results are EST 20, FSH 3, LH 10, I am starting another round of follistim injections starting today and go back on Oct 2 to check follicle sizes, etc.

Someone told me that that if you are a good responder on stims over age 40, your chance for success is probably around 20-25%, assuming you are a good responder and also, that age alone tells that the reason for the losses and the difficulty conceiving is due to the large proportion of poor quality eggs. Doing a cycle with your own eggs, a PGD is recommended and if you had more than 5 embryos: this would give you more information and help to decrease miscarriage rates (from 40% to 9%).

Does anyone have any more information regarding this ? I have never had kids and miscarried in 1992 at 5 weeks. Do you think my egg quality is just too poor and that I might be wasting my time doing meds and should give it up even though I am a good responder to stims and my numbers are good. just confused and feel helpless ttc at 45 years. here is my last 2 stims cycle numbers.

This was my most recent(August cycle) injections cycle on follistim.

Day 3, Est 68, LH 7, FH 4

Day 7, Est 1,370, Lining 9, Right-18,17,15,14,14,12 Left-19,18,17 and some smaller ones.

Day 8, Took a booster shot but probably too soon?

This was my 4th injections on follistim cycle.

FSH: 4 Lining: 12 Estradial: 2,554 Follicles: R-5 follicles ranging between 10-14, L-4 follicles sized 12-14 I took more injections for 2 more days to get the numbers higher. Then took the hcg shot and intercourse.

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Thu, 09-30-2004 - 12:42pm

Wendy as you know egg quality does go down with age.