Fertilization and transfer

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Fertilization and transfer
Mon, 04-12-2004 - 9:59am

Well ladies out of the 10 eggs 7 fertilized.


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Mon, 04-12-2004 - 12:25pm

Things are sounding very promising for you. I hope this one takes.

You will be in my thoughts in the next two weeks. Try not to make yourself too crazy. I know it is hard to think about anything else.


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Mon, 04-12-2004 - 12:36pm
Sounds great, Cathie! I am praying for you.


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Mon, 04-12-2004 - 2:04pm
Hi Cathy

I'm so excited about your wonderful results!!

I'm sending lots of sticky vibes your way, and you'll remain

in my prayers..

God bless, and take care of yourself..

I hope it's not OHSS, and that you can rest and feel better,

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Mon, 04-12-2004 - 5:41pm
Hi Cathie,

You and your little embies are doing a great job!!

++++++++++Sending you a ton of sticky vibes!!!!+++++++++

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Tue, 04-13-2004 - 7:13pm
Cathie: Piling on the sticky vibes....stick baby stick!!

Take care.