Folic Acid, please read

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Folic Acid, please read
Sat, 04-09-2005 - 6:55am

Hello everyone,

Congrats on thinking about conceiving, if not again. This is a message that I want to post on all the TTC boards on I have recently lost my daughter to Anencephaly. It is a neural tube defect that happens between 20-28 days after conception. The two most common NTDs, are Anencephaly and Spina Bifida. Anencephaly is when the baby’s skull doesn’t form correctly, and is usually missing the top of the head. This happens to about 1 in a 1000 children born. SB I don’t know to much about.

I just wanted to tell you all this, so that you can be informed. Its very important to take prenatal vitamins and folic acid during this time of TTC. I would ask your doctor about the amount you should take before considering it, but your doctor will tell you that the information I have given you is correct. FA is highly important.

I just don’t want any mother to ever have to go through when I’ve been through. I believe that Faith’s purpose in life was to give me the strength to share her story, and help stop it from happening to other women and children. I wish you all the best of luck in your journey, and may you all be blessed with happy and healthy children.

I’ve posted some links below, if you wanted more information.
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