FSH/LH/Estradiol levels

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FSH/LH/Estradiol levels
Fri, 06-25-2004 - 5:01pm
Anyone had their levels checked? I'm getting mine drawn. What are the normal levels for day 3?
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Sun, 06-27-2004 - 10:02am
I'm no expert on this, but you want the FSH to be lower than 10 and the lower the better. My most recent was 11.5 which makes it less likely we will have success. A higher than normal FSH level may indicate you are going into perimenopause, the period a few years before menopause; you may also not be making eggs every month.

Estradiol: You want this to be over 10, but less than 50. Less than 10 may indicate your ovaries are suppressed and may not respond well to stimulation to make a normal egg. Over 50 may indicate ovarian cysts.

LH: Usually about 5. Women with PCOS may have a significantly higher level. The LH level will usually go over 40 later in your cycle when you're about to ovulate.

Again...I'm no expert and I hope this helps.


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Sun, 06-27-2004 - 12:29pm

Here is a great site for info on hormone levels.


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