Hello, Clomid question, Ovacue monitors

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Hello, Clomid question, Ovacue monitors
Fri, 12-03-2004 - 6:54pm

Hello ladies!

I started taking Clomid (for the full 5 days) per the Dr. CD3-7 50MG. I am on CD14 and I have had 3 neg OPK's CD12, 13 and 14. I was hoping Clomid would make me O' earlier. I tried charting 8 months ago when we started trying but really drove myself crazy. I have an illness that makes me sleep only between 45 mins and 2 hours at a time, not good for charting. Somedays If I take something with Ambien I might sleep 4 hours. I O'd around CD17 when I charted, I was hoping Clomid would make me O earlier because I think I have a short LP period. Do any of you know about this drug? I have heard Progesterone cream will help build a lining and make an LP longer, but how do I know when to start? My dr isn't monitoring me only said try this for 3 months and then we will go from there. But I am 40. I want help now! Where can I get Progesterone cream?

I couldn't sleep last night and found a monitor called OvaCue, it is about 400.00 with everything and was wondering if anyone has tried it? It is supposed to be more accurate than the Clear Blue Easy. Telling you both when you will O and when you did O'. If anyone has any information I would be grateful for it.

Oh, I had pain in both ovaries CD9 for several hours, could that been O'ing? We BD that night but not before, I sure hope we didn't miss it.

In Jan, my husbands Blue Cross Blue Shield will go into affect does anyone know what they cover, I read there book and it didn't even hint at inferility. My Social Security Disability doesn't cover getting PG, but covers afterwards.

Have an awesome day ladies, Hubby will be home soon and that is my favorite time of day.

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Have an awesome day!!

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Sat, 12-04-2004 - 5:14pm
Dawn, good luck with your efforts - I went through 3 IVF treatments that BC/BS of MA that covered everything except for the genetic test on the fertilized eggs that were retrieved. I believe that the Insurance varies state by state, so you need to check with your provider. You might want to look online at their web site for preliminary information. As far as the ovulation goes, my infertility dr. told me that the tests can show positive, as the LH surge happens- but it is no guarantee that you ovulate. Did your DR suggest a drug to stimulate the ovulation, HGC I think it is called. If ur insurance does not cover - it is pricy! Good luck!
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Mon, 12-06-2004 - 2:10pm

Yep each bc/bs varies with states.


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