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Tue, 10-05-2010 - 11:09pm

Ok girls, I hope you can navigate the new board enough to help me with this BIG question and tell me what you would do!

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Oh no, I hope the surgery goes well and he recovers quickly.  Scary, even with a low risk surgery.  ((((Hugs))))

As for the clomid, it often delays O by a day or two, many women say they O on cd16 instead of cd14.  However, BD is best at -2 and -1 days before O so I think you are still good to go.  I would talk to your dr though and get their take on it too.  Remember, sperm live a lot longer than our eggies do, so as long as you show signs of impending O like EWCM, then you should be good to go.  Of course, you may O right on cd14 or it could be even later like cd18 in which case it would be too late, but there is no way to really predict that.  Could you do an IUI this month and have them freeze his swimmers?  Just a thought. 


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You are pretty confident about your ovulation dates aren't you? Since you skipped this past month due to the wedding I say skip it one more time. Than you won't have to stress about whether you caught the O-day or not.

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LaRae I have this happen nearly every cycle because I travel unpredictably for work.

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LaRae, so sorry this is happening.

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Oh La Rae,

Not that I have an answer, but wow, you guys sure have a lot on your plate.

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maybe they could freeze a sample from him.