Hi all - Tuggernut checking in

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Hi all - Tuggernut checking in
Mon, 01-31-2005 - 3:17pm

Some of you may remember me from last summer -

I'm 40 and pg with my first -

conceived after 6 months, with no drugs. Actually - with nothing much more than just ovulation charting and tests....

Just thought I'd check in with all you great gals and let you know how things are progessing -

Due APril 26th - having a boy! (So thrilled about that!) and everything seems to be going well. I did fail by 1 hour glucose test last week and now have to follow up with the three hour one but my doctor really isn't worried.

My blood pressure (I have high blood pressure regularly) has actually dropped and my doctor has even halved my perscription to control it -

All and all - things are going very well -

Now if I can just get over the fear of being a mother for the first time at 40!

Anyway - good luck to all of you - hope there are many more graduates this year!

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Mon, 01-31-2005 - 9:18pm

That's great news, you must be thrilled!
I'm 40 and TTC now. I also have a 1-year old daughter. I too got pg right away, without any help. Let's see how it goes this time around (!!) LOL
No serious complications, other than extreme nausea for the entire nine months (yuck)!
Not looking forward to a repeat of that, but it's now or never. At our age, we don't have the luxury of putting off getting pg another year. Next year might be too late.
You are having your baby at a beautiful time of the year, Spring!
Unfortunately, I can't worry about having a desirable month for my due date. Originally I wanted a summer (August) baby, but that dream came and went. So now I'll take anything, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Year's eve, not exactly good times to go into labor, but that's the way it goes...oh well.
Best of luck to you!


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Wed, 02-02-2005 - 2:06pm

Hi!!! :) And a BIG congrats to you and your baby boy to be! Keep us posted on your progress! :)