Hi ladies - update

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Hi ladies - update
Fri, 08-20-2010 - 12:13pm

Hi all -

I started a detailed birth post but it got ridiculously long so I'm going to try to keep things short and sweet. We have been so blessed and I want to thank all of your for your wonderful support over these past 3 years.

Robert was born on July 31st - 2 weeks early. Within a few hours of being born he was in the NICU where he stayed for 2 weeks because he had pneumonia and other lung issues. After the first 3 days he was transferred to The Children's Hospital in Aurora.

All of the staff at both hospitals were very supportive and helpful. They encouraged me to keep pumping and they fed Robert everything I pumped through his feeding tube. The problem was I was not (and am not) producing much because I was ill after the birth as well (spent a couple days in the ICU myself) I'm still pumping but I only get about 10ml per pump - we'll see how long I keep trying.

Robert came home last Sunday and this Sunday will be his Brit Milah. I'm glad my mother will be here for it. He's doing really well, eating and sleeping (and pooping) like a champ. He's still on a small amount of oxygen but we're hoping that when they do the pulseox test in 2 weeks the pediatrician will tell us that he doesn't need it any more.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to share at the moment - I'm not so good with the uploading thing. I'll see if my DH can help me later.

BTW - my DH is THE MOST amazing man - he is a great husband and a super father - he's going to be the primary care parent when I go back to work but he's stepped up so beautifully he's already taken over that role.

I hope everyone here is doing well - I've got to go check below to see what great news we've had. Baby dust to all.


Susan L.

Susan L.

Robert Edward Xavier Lin - Born July 31, 2010 at 5:56AM, 6 pounds 4 ounces and 19 inches long. He spent 2 weeks in the NICU but he's doing great now!
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Fri, 08-20-2010 - 12:16pm
Oh my gosh Susan you have been thru a lot!!

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Fri, 08-20-2010 - 12:49pm

Oh Susan, I am so glad to hear from you and to hear that Robert and you are home and doing well!


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Fri, 08-20-2010 - 1:22pm

Hi Susan. it was nice to see an update with news about now healthy baby and mommy. It has been quite a lot for you all to deal with but I am glad you came through it. Congratulations and I look forward to hearing about (and seeing some pics of)


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Fri, 08-20-2010 - 1:40pm
Hi Susan, so glad Robert is here safe and sound, despite a rough start for both of you. May it all get better from here on! Yay!


Loving Mom to three


Loving Mom to three rambunctious 

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Fri, 08-20-2010 - 2:32pm


Thank you the update.

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Fri, 08-20-2010 - 2:56pm
SO glad to hear from you Susan and that things are calming down.


Susan V

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Sat, 08-21-2010 - 12:33pm
Thanks for the update, Susan! Glad everyone is home and doing well. Sorry things were so rough at the beginning -- wishing you smooth sailing from here on in. And yes, please post some pics!

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Susan CB

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Sun, 08-22-2010 - 8:54am


So glad that you and baby Robert are both home and doing well.


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