High Day 2 Estradiol

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High Day 2 Estradiol
Sat, 05-07-2005 - 10:23am


I am currently on my 3rd attempt at an IUI with an RE. At the beginning of the month, they did a Day 2 blood test. I just talked to the nurse yesterday and Im really confused. She said my estradiol was high (61) so she could only guess what my FSH number is - first she told me 8.1 which sounded good but then she said it could be 9, 10 or even 15. She said with a high estradiol there was no way to know what it really is. I looked up estradiol online and another site said 25-75 was okay but the nurse said the lab they use says that anything over 40 is high.

Im really confused and scared. My DH has male factor issues so Im really worried that I may be a problem to. I had the Clomid Challenge last Fall and my OB said I was fine.

Does anyone know anything about these numbers and if they are bad? I have been using Clomid for the past couple of months and each time I have had lots of follicles but only 2 to 3 large ones. I thought this was good but when I mentioned it to the nurse she said well you need 5 to do IVF. She was such a downer - if anyone has any insight or advice, I'd appreciate it.


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