How old did your ancestors give birth?

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How old did your ancestors give birth?
Wed, 07-13-2005 - 7:10am

After getting fed up of being told I am too old and that is impossible, rare and a miracle to get pregnant at my age, I started compiling stories of women who got pregnant over 44y old. I am up to 57 pages in MSword of stories! (Online link to the constantly growing list in my signature below)

So I wanted you all to ask every woman you know how old her mother was at her last birth, her aunts, her grandmothers, her great-grandmothers. Affirm for yourself that women do have babies after 40, then report back here to share any over 44y stories so I can add them to the list!

To be honest, I compile these stories to keep myself going, but if it helps you too - that's wonderful!!

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Three sons from a previous marriage & 5+ babies lost in early miscarriages.
Here's my evidence that pregnancy over 44y is not impossible!

~*~ Catherine, mom to three grown men - Jason, Michael & Joshua and Granma to Christopher & Leia.

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Mon, 07-18-2005 - 11:01pm

My Granny had my Dad when she was 42 in 1935. Also my maternal grandmother had her last baby when she was in her late 30's in 1954. I wonder why it was okay then and seems to be sort of looked down on now? I shouldn't say that because my doctor and family/friends have all been very supportive of me.

Have a good day everyone!