How to TTC Boy?

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How to TTC Boy?
Mon, 01-18-2010 - 4:20pm

Hi There,

My baby boy, Alexander, is almost three months old now and DH and I are considering what road to take. If we TTC again, my DH wants another boy (to play with baby Alex). Of course, he would be happy with another girl (he has two already). Any thoughts on how to conceive a boy? My thought is we can't much control it, and God is in control, but I am open to suggestions.
I just got my period back and it was much heavier than before I was pg. I wonder if I am ovulating again? I kind of want another baby but we already have trouble juggling the three we have. His two girls from first marriage are a huge handful and now we have a lovely baby boy together...any thoughts, ideas are appreciated. I am 42.5 so decision probably needs to be quick if we try again.
Thanks, Lisa

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Tue, 01-19-2010 - 11:40am

It is possible to sway one way or another-my DH and I are trying for a boy. At our age though, it severely limits our chances of getting pg if we want a boy though since timing with boys is pretty much to have sex only once and as close to ov as possible.

There is a book by Dr.Shettels that I recommend

Also, there is a group on ivillage called "gender determination" and this web site that is majorly dedicated to gender swaying check out the forum.

Basically gender determination boils down to supplements, diet and most of all timing and bd position.