How to use discussion board?

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How to use discussion board?
Tue, 04-13-2004 - 5:27pm

I am new to this discussion board and confused as to how to use..... I see so many great discussions, but don't see the replies. Are replies confidential, or I am just not using the board correctly? Not that I am trying to pry, but it would be so helpful to see others' experiences.

By the way, I am 42 and ttc#1 with husband who is 35 (two unsuccessful IUI's, considering IVF).

thank you!

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Tue, 04-13-2004 - 6:01pm
Hi there,

I too am new to this board (ttc #1 43, dh 40). As far as I know people put questions up or start discussions and then whoever wants to reply to them replies openly. My impression so far (using this for a week now) is that there don't seem to be that many people that access these boards, but the people that do reply are very supportive, kind and incredibly generous with sharing information. I am totally new to this board thing even though I love the internet and find a lot of useful resources on the internet.

I for one would love to see more people responding to posts and discussions on this board, but I hope I am not speaking out of turn.

Also I know that there are several other boards out there for over 40's ttc and I would love to know where they are. As far as I am concerned the more the better!!

Best to you,


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Tue, 04-13-2004 - 6:15pm
Hi Ladies,

I wanted to reply to your post...yes! you just check the strand of messages regarding that one topic or conversation you started....

I am new here also, you can check my inquiries back a month or so ago....I am 42 (almost 43) and have found alot of support and optimism here!!!! I have two sons (20 and 8) and two stepdaughters (7 and 4) and I was remarried last pregnant on my honeymoon..(third time in my life of unprotected sex (first two were my sons) and miscarried at almost 7 weeks. I waited the obligatory 3 months and been trying for a good 5 months luck....met with an RE (ugh) my other posts....and now I am considering injectibles with IUI. I never used fertility drugs before. My ob/gyn is much more optimistic (RE says at best 10% chance)and believes I will conceive again naturally...but time is marching on and I better be proactive. My test results are good...but my FSH did drop..although I heard they bounce around...3 months ago mine was 3 now 6.2.

To answer your question Jadu, please check the Pregnant after 40 board. They are wonderful and there are many many success stories there..women 46, 47 getting pregnant. That is how I first found these boards when I got pregnant and now I switched over to here. Check out their stories. They have inspired me and kept me positive!

I hope we all have success stories....wishing you ladies the best,


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Tue, 04-13-2004 - 6:28pm
Thank you for your response. It is so refreshing to find this board with women over 40 ttc! I have been trying now since my husband and I got married two years ago. I became pregnant on my own 4 months after the wedding by m/c at 8 weeks. Since then it has been a rollercoaster of emotions, ultrasounds, injections, etc.

I think the emotional part is the hardest to deal with. We're taking a two month "break" right now and will move forward with an IVF in June.

Best to you and thank you for your thoughts!!