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Wed, 04-13-2011 - 12:10pm

Has anyone had this before? My RE's office just called and said my thyroid levels are high & she wants to give me a prescription to control it. As i posted in my other msg, 1-2 months before my visit to the RE, I had a complete bloodwork done at my primary physycians and all was fine. I have never had a thyroid problem. Could all the IVF treatment have caused this? I am just so afraid of complications with the pregnancy...I am now pregnant with twins- possibly triplets and would appreciate any info. What I'm reading online sounds serious, but don't want to make myself crazy...

Any advice?

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Are you sure you don't have hypOthyroidism? If your TSH is high it means your thyroid gland isn't putting out enough hormone and your pituitary gland is having to put out more TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) to make your thyroid gland work better. It has probably come on because you are pregnant. Your glands have to keep up with the new demands on your body. I already had hypothyroidism so I know that my doctor will have to keep an eye on my levels and adjust my medication throughout my pregnancy. It is very easy to control with meds. Hope this helps.


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I really doubt the IVF cycle had anything to do with it as being the recipient we don't take any stim meds.

As Jessica said, it could be a result of the pregnancy and maybe all the bedrest you have been on. The pregnancy and going from being an active person to complete bedrest is a shock on your system. As you get around a little more that may help as well.


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Sorry for the late reply....yes, it was a bit high...I've since learned that the thyroid meds are low dose & will not harm the babies & actually may help. I feel fine and continue taking the meds. I just began seeing my prenatal Dr as well, who specializes in high risk pregnancies. She

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Sorry for the late response. I was told I was normal for a regular person but for ttc RE likes it even more controlled. No concerns about synthroid at all if it helps!

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So glad to hear you are doing well with two beans in there, that is awesome news!! Congrats again and update us often if you can! =)

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Congrats on the twin beans!! =D I'm so happy for you

I have Hyperthyroidism aka Graves Disease. My symptoms included fatigue, feeling hot all the time, lightheaded, out of breath and loss of muscle strength. It's pretty serious stuff hon. I was misdiganosed for years and eventually ended up in the ER with heart palpitations and pancreatitis. Booooo

My TSH at its worst measured .04 (it's now in the .11 range...still low but better) and my Free T4 was 3.6 (now about 1.4 which is still high but better).

I am treating it with medication rather than having my thyroid gland removed which would make me have HypOthryoidism and I'd have to take medication anyway. I take 100 mg of Propylthiouraicil (PTU) 2x a day. It's safe for women who are ttcing and pregnant.