I have a friend 47 ttc#1 need advice Pl

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I have a friend 47 ttc#1 need advice Pl
Wed, 11-17-2004 - 6:36pm

Hello ladies!

I have a 47 year old friend TTC#1 and is getting no help or hope from the dr's. Any adive will be so welcomed. She doesn't have a computer so I will be pasting and sending snail mail. The dr put her on Clomid but isn't watching her. She has no idea about CM, OPK's I have 12 pages of reserch I am doing but the best thing would be what you found worked, example estrogen, progesteron, Tussin, herbs.
My friend is in awesome shape and works out alot, she has her own dog sled team and runs them almost daily.
Oh she still has her periods and is fairly regular and the dr put her on Provera but does she still take it after O or will it cause AF to show and keep her from getting PG?
I told her to go get some OPK's TODAY it is CD15 for her and she has no idea if she O'd she takes Clomid CD 5-9.We might not know for this month but we should know something next month. I am curious about Estrogen the first 14 days and Progesterone the last 14 days.

Since I am 40 and trying to TTC also we hope to get PG together although she is all long ways away.

Thanks for your help!

Dawn 40
CD31 and No AF in site and not PG :-(

Have an awesome day!!

Dawn 41, DH 35 / DD 23 years old

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Thu, 11-18-2004 - 11:11am

Dawn your a good friend to be doing this research for her.