I'm back and feeling better

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I'm back and feeling better
Tue, 04-27-2004 - 2:25pm

Thank you everyone for all the kind words.


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Tue, 04-27-2004 - 2:41pm
Hi Cathie,

My best to you...and have those margaritas! What is a FET cycle?


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Tue, 04-27-2004 - 3:45pm
Hi Cathy

so glad that you're feeling better, and taking time for you and DH.

Enjoy your time away from the stress of IF.

and have a margarita for me, on the rocks with salt please!

God bless,


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Tue, 04-27-2004 - 3:46pm
Hi Cathiele,

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Taking care of your health & getting in some much derserved relaxation is always a good thing, & can only be of benefit to you.

Take good care of yourself.

QWe are here for you if you need anything.


Lilypie Baby Days
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Tue, 04-27-2004 - 4:00pm

Barb FET stands for frozen embrio transfer.


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Tue, 04-27-2004 - 4:07pm
Cathie: Great to have you back...keep the positive attitude. Oh yeah, and have a Margarita for me too...extra lime!


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Fri, 04-30-2004 - 4:30pm
Dear Cathie,

Have a great break and good luck with everything (I need to lose 20 pounds myself - can we send each other some kind of dust that "unsticks" the weight?!)

Can't wait to hear what happens in September! Keep us posted on how you are doing in the meantime!