I'm back ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm back ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed, 09-08-2004 - 10:32am

Out of the 4 embrios we had frozen 2 made it through the thaw.


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Wed, 09-08-2004 - 11:13am
Good for you! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers - good luck on the 17th! :)

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Wed, 09-08-2004 - 8:39pm
HI Cathie,

So happy to hear that the transfer went so smoothly. I know you can hardly wait for the big day, and I am sending you lots of hope, prayers, luck and baby dust!

Stick embies stick!!!


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Wed, 09-08-2004 - 10:36pm
Welcome home!!

What wonderful news!! I hope your little embies are find a nice comfortable place to grow!! I am sending all the baby dust and sticky thoughts I can find!!


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Thu, 09-09-2004 - 9:38am

Thanks ladies I am trying to stay so positive and talking to my little ones and telling them to snuggle in and start growing.

I love you guys you really help me get through all this

Hugs and baby dust



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Thu, 09-09-2004 - 9:53am

Hang in there little ones! Hang in!

You too girl - you're an inspriation to us all!

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Thu, 09-09-2004 - 11:04am
Best wishes and I hope your beta is sky high. I am sending happy thoughts and baby dust.


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Thu, 09-09-2004 - 11:09am
Best wishes and good luck to you. Snuggle in there little embies and grow. sending you positive thoughts and lots of sticky baby dust


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Thu, 09-09-2004 - 6:20pm
Cathie: Whew...now it's just the tww (lol). I will continue to send positive thoughts and prayers your way. Take good care.


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Fri, 09-10-2004 - 11:33am
I will be thinking of you and your little embies!!

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