Infertility a Disability?

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Infertility a Disability?
Sat, 05-22-2004 - 1:45pm
Hi Ladies,

This was mentioned recently in another message, and I am REALLY curious about whether I can apply for disability time off and benefits due to infertility.

Does anyone know the answer?

To which organization do I apply? Are there any websites I can consult (I did a web search, but there is so much out there on disability I don't know where to start)?

Is this federal, state, private (my company/insurance), or all three?

This could be so incredibly helpful to me (and others)! Any info appreciated!

Also, what would be the best generic infertility board on which I should post this question?

As usual, thanks in advance for any advice, info or previous experience!

Best to all and baby dust,


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Sun, 05-23-2004 - 1:33pm
Here is the answer from an insurance expert on a legal website:

"My first reaction is that the procedure is voluntary and any adverse results that cause you to lose time from work are not compensable.

"However, several options occur to me.

"1 - You could take sick days and/or vacation days that you have coming to you.

"2 - If your employer has a salary continuation plan for illness or disability beyond sick days, then the employer is the one to ask.

"3 - If you have a private disability policy, read it and the provisions will tell you whether this is covered or not.

"4 - If you have a group disability plan, read it and the provisions will tell you whether this is covered or not.

"You certainly would not be eligible for any federal, state, or local welfare programs.

"Frankly, if you can't afford ALL of the costs of this procedure, especially the intangible ones of being out of work for 3-4 weeks, I suggest you think twice about it. Children are very expensive propositions."

Well, okay, not too positive but I have learned not to give up on ANYTHING that can help my TTC journey!

If anyone else has experience or knowledge in this area, it would be great to hear.

Best wishes and baby dust to all,