Insurance Coverage

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Insurance Coverage
Sat, 06-07-2003 - 3:54pm
Hi everyone,

My name is Sara. I am a lurker and occasional poster on this and probably a dozen other infertility related message boards. I live in Michigan and I'm sick of battling with my insurance company over infertility treatment. I started doing some research and learned that 15 states have mandated some sort of infertility coverage. I dug deeper and found that in almost all of those states, it was some ordinary person who was just fed up with their insurance company who started the ball rolling. So I've decided to do the same. I have a website, and the list of supporters is growing. Right now I'm waiting on a response from Representative Lisa Wojno, hoping she will sponsor a bill and introduce it to congress. I could really use all the support and help there is. Our Senators and Representatives need to know what a large number of Michiganians could benefit from this bill. I am putting my heart and soul into spearheading this effort. If the bill passes, just think of the floodgates it could open!! Please check out my website and tell others about it as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message. I wish everyone the best of luck in their quest for motherhood:)
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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 8:41pm

Thanks Sara! I have asked everyone on my board to support your movement!

~ Pat