Jnanb, Lisa, do another cycle or ....?

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Jnanb, Lisa, do another cycle or ....?
Fri, 05-07-2004 - 8:33am
Hey guys,

Question, if any of you (us) are not successful this cycle, will you be doing injectibles/IUI immediately next cycle or take a month off? Would it be better to jump right in again or wait a month???

Any thoughts???


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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 11:32am
Hi Barb,

It really is up to you and how you're feeling. I spoke with my Dr about it and he said that it does not make a difference one way or the other if you wait or start again immediately (it does not improve the odds to do again right after). I had to wait as I developed cysts after each IUI, otherwise I probably would have gone right back to the injectibles again.

This last time I decided to take a bit of a break as we are deciding whether to do another IUI or go straight to IVF. Needed a bit of a breather to get myself emotionally, physically, financially ready.... it's been really good for me to take this break. I'm ready again to tackle the next steps!!

Good luck to you! Please let me know if you have any more questions.



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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 1:23pm
Hi Barb,

I have to do IVF due to severe MF so if I have to try again there is like 2-3 months in between because of the extra meds. With IUI I believe you can do another cycle right away. I would move as quickly as they would allow me to.

Hope this helps!

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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 8:38pm

I have to agree with the other Lisa. I would move as quickly as the doctors allow, since I have the sense that time is of the essence.

However, if you really feel you need to take the time to regroup, I can certainly understand.

Of course we will all support you no matter what you decide!

All the best and baby dust to you,


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Sat, 05-08-2004 - 12:38pm
Thanks everyone!

You all right....time is of the essence, I should move forward. Orginally the RE said go right to IVF, but my OB/GYN said that he didn't think that would help me since my miscarriage risk was still the same and I did get pregnant naturally (m/c). Can anyone tell me that IVF would definitely help me? Any benefits over IUI I don't already know....and I never did have the hcg (tubes xray)...should I do that...I was just trying to avoid the expense...again the doc told me it is optional since I had a pregnancy (m/c) last summer. I never had my uterus checked either..other than routine u/s, and paps...sorry to ramble on....just want to take the right path....thanks so much to all of you...your advice is invaluable...I cannot talk to anyone else about all this..they think I am crazy enough!


I hope for all of us....

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Sun, 05-09-2004 - 12:13am
Hi Barb,

There is no harm in doing some testing & it can only help to know what is a potential problem & what isn't.

As far as IVF goes there is a technique called PGD where they test the embies & see if they have any problems so know which ones would make a viable pg. You are also producing many embies so you odds of geeting a healthy one faster are higher than natural where it would be 1 egg each cycle. There is also something new going on. I will paste it for you.

> Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine has  discovered a genetic


> surrounding the fluid in the media where the embryo is fertilized.

> This marker provides the information, with more than 70% accuracy,


> or not it will be competent to become a pregnancy.

> In other words - those embryos with the marker have a 70% chance of

> producing a pregnancy.

> This is one of the most exciting discoveries in the field of IVF

since it's

> inception more than 20 years ago.

> There are two main reasons insurance does not cover IVF -- 1. is

HOM (High

> order multiples) meaning triplets or greater and

> 2. Lack of verifiable and accurate statistics for IVF (in order to

base a

> formulary for accessed risk/outcome)

> INCIID has a program called OBRS (Outcome Based Reporting System)

which we

> are testing (began April 1) that reports "true" verifiable and non

> manipulated statistics in REAL time with categories of complexity --


> just age. We have a site called http://www.ivfstats.org which is

not quit

> live yet (since we moved our servers last Sat). This site provides

a grid of

> statistics with 6 voluntary anonymous clinics so you can see what


> categories look like and how the statistics will drop down into the

grid (in

> real time over the next six months). At the end of tweaking the


> (six months) we are going to upgrade and then invite clinics into


> program. We will then establish open statistics where clinics are


> identified - and you the consumer have a much better picture for IVF

> statistics. As it now stands there are no verifiable statistics -

they are

> self-reported and without audit.  In phase II of this project

(starting next

> year) when clinics come onboard to participate, we hope to have

insurance on

> board for a outcome based testing of the program. In other words -


> participating will have insurance paying for the procedures - based


> outcome. The patient will be covered by insurance for the study,


> will receive their compensation from insurance reimbursement based


> outcome. We are already talking to the insurance industry and they


> interested.

> What is exciting about all of this is with this breakthrough in


> research - coupled with a plan to have valid and verifiable

statistics -- we

> have pretty much negated the arguments for insurance coverage. I

know we

> have a long road ahead but now we are armed must better to fight

the good

> fight --- I am going to be doing a series of workshops -- by phone

and in

> person to explain our plans further. I hope everyone = those who

have been

> through the procedure - those who need it will get behind this

fight --

> because ultimately YOU are the ones who will make the difference.

Hope this helps!!

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Mon, 05-10-2004 - 2:51pm
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the info! So this is coming from the Sher Institutes and they are contacting

IVF clinics and insurance companies...how can we, look into this now? Do I understand this correctly in that insurance companies that did not cover fertility expenses, will in this program....? How can we find out what IVF clinics/doctors will be participating..sorry if I sound ignorant...I am very interested...the IVF you are about to do; is this new procedure included???



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Mon, 05-10-2004 - 5:48pm
Hi Barb,

The only thing I know about all of this is the same thing I sent you. I retrieved it from another message board & it was sent to us from INCIID. We will have to check with them on the details. I am going to RMA in NJ & don't know if they are aware of this or not. I made a copy & am going to show it to my Dr. tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on anything I find out. INCIID is a great site to check every so often as they are an organization that helps women going through IF & IVF.


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