Kudos to our AWESOME DH's - Pls Share

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Kudos to our AWESOME DH's - Pls Share
Mon, 02-01-2010 - 10:56am


So I am feeling a little sentimental today:)

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Thu, 02-04-2010 - 3:58pm

Well at first I wanted to hit my DH over the head with a bat because he didn't want to take any supplements other than his regular vitamin... But now that he sees the urgency he makes it a point to take Maca and announce it and tells me with a sad puppy look on his face: "See I'm trying". Lol.

So now I see things from his point of view, although he is stubborn for certain things, I know this is not easy for our men either- especially when at times they just feel like "Sperm Donors".

So here's a shout out to all our men! (even when we're pms-ing), We still love you guys!

P.S. By the way my Dh will never see this. He knows I post but kind of my own private thing here :)