Lilly from the UK...

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Lilly from the UK...
Sat, 09-04-2004 - 1:01pm
Lilly: I just read your post to me about my IVF cycle...sorry for the delay in the reply. I noted that you had a failed IVF cycle...and I was sorry to hear that.

We are going to sit out one cycle and then try again. What about you? Hope you are doing okay...

Take good care.


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Sat, 09-04-2004 - 6:04pm
Hi Margie,

Apologies for the late reply too.

I just needed time to get my acts together as my system went beserk with all the drugs I had to administer on myself.

Ive had a session of counselling with my doctor and coupled with the encouragement from this site, I'm doing good now. I've been told I'll start a second cycle after my next period. so We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Best wishes!