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Thu, 06-10-2004 - 9:14am
Hi Lisa,

When will you be testing...?

I had my u/s yesterday for this cycle and had 6 anthral follicles. We are doing letrozole again but increasing the repronex from 2 vials to 3.....

Good luck to us both..keep me posted!


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Thu, 06-10-2004 - 7:47pm
Hi Barb,

Thanks for your message! I am in the truly endless 16-day wait as prescribed by my latest RE. Although to tell the truth I might break down and do an HPT on the 14th day...which would be Tuesday, June 15. B/w would be on the 16th.

Barb, just so you know I sent you a long post on the other site; since it is not sorted by date perhaps you did not notice it...

Okay, my turn to ask questions (I feel so ignorant since I've only done Follistim and Gonal-F): what are letrozole and repronex? I think repronex is a gonadotropin, or FSH, like Follistim/Gonal-F, right? I actually don't know what letrozole is.

Are you doing IUI? Dr. Sher just wrote in response to a question I sent him that IUI has no advantage over timed bd w/ a trigger shot if there is no male factor. I don't remember in your case if there was a mf or not. In my case, there is not (although I am putting dh on supplements to boost even more) so we have decided no more IUIs, just timed bd w/stims and trigger shot until it's time for IVF at RMA, which I gather will take place in August/September (my appt. isn't until July 29...and I made it about 6 weeks ago!)

Barb, you know what? I was reviewing all my initial b/w in view of a telephone consult with Dr. Sher next week, and I saw my FSH in Nov. 2003 was only 3! This year it was consistently 5.2 until May, when it was 7.4. I find it disheartening that it went from 3 to 7.4 in 7 months. I really hope the acupuncture (and she just started me on herbs even though I might be pg - long story but it has to do with stress etc.) helps in regard to FSH and egg quality.

Last item - any luck on your RE search in Orlando? The only sizable practice I found in CDC for Orlando was Center for Infertility & Reproductive Medicine. Their numbers were not too good, but you never know since the data date from 2001 and a lot could have changed. There are other centers listed in FL, but I don't know which cities are close to Orlando, so I did not take down further information.

So, you are now on cycle day 3 or 4, I guess. Keep me posted!

All the best and baby dust to you,


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Fri, 06-11-2004 - 6:12pm
Hi Lisa,

I read your post on the other site and responded to it. Thanks for getting back to me!

I will be thinking of you on your test day, keep me informed!

To answer your questions (remember I am new to this)...the letrazole (or letrozole?)is an alternative to clomid (it does not affect your lining). It comes in pill form and it essentially does the same thing; increase the number of follicles and induce ovulation in annovulatory patients (altho I ovulate on my own). It is actually a breast cancer drug and has been found to have fertility benefits. It is fairly new, I think.

The repronex (injections) are gonadotropins and are similar to pergonal. They contain equal amounts of LH and FSH. I ask about the gonal f and the follistim since they seem to be very popular, but my RE sticks with the repronex and I am responding to it. Normally I exhaust doctors with questions, but lately I hesitate to ask for fear of (grim) answer!

I take the letrazole on CD4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and repronex injections (3 amps) on CD7, 8, 9.

I will probably do this cycle with IUI, but next time just bd...I agree with you that if there is no male factor, might as well just time bd..What do you suggest, night of the trigger, and????

DON'T worry about your FSH! It is very good! I know you think that it is slowly going up (I worry about the same thing, mine going from 3 to 6.2), but it does bounce around and who knows...your FSH could have been higher than the 3 if you had it tested prior to November! Don't worry.

I also understand about the stress....I worry (there I go again) that mine went up because of stress alone. But who can help it? Having to go thru all this is stressful in itself. You have just concern. But we can't just tell ourselves to stop stressing, I wish we could, just can't turn it off. We are on the right track with the acupuncture. By the way, I went today and he gave me a mixture of false unicorn with cramp bark and I am to encapsulate it and take twice a day.

Thanks so much for checking into docs for me in Orlando. I guess I will stick with the one I have even though he is not too optimistic. He is very competent and seems to know what he is doing....unless I decide to go to RMA and do IVF.....I am very interested to hear how your visit there goes in July(if you need to! positive thoughts!)....keep me posted.

Well here's to success this time around!


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Fri, 06-11-2004 - 10:14pm
Hi Barb,

Great to hear from you!

In terms of timed bd, there are different opinions. I believe the frequency of bd'ing has to do with how good dh's numbers are. My dh has "awesome" numbers (that is what the first RE said), so in our case I would definitely bd the day of the trigger shot, the day after, and the day after that (and maybe even the next day). You are supposed to ovulate 36-40 hours after the trigger, so that would put sperm in place beforehand and hopefully "during" ovulation. Sperm (unwashed) supposedly live at least 48 hours and up to five days provided you are compatible (geez, we never did the post-coital test, watch that be the problem - no, positive thoughts!!) so it will be there "waiting" for the egg(s), which only lives 12-24 hours after ovulation.

If dh's numbers are not too strong, it is usually recommended to bd every other day, so he can rebuild. In that case, I would do day of trigger shot (maybe a bit before) and two days later.

I hope this will be your last cycle and it ends in a BFP!

All the best,