Lost with the abbreviations a little

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Lost with the abbreviations a little
Wed, 08-18-2004 - 9:04pm
Hi again:

Could someone give me a quick rundown of the abbreviations that are so commonly used, DH is one I cannot figure out, but there are quite a few. The ones I do know are TCC, mc, us, and that about wraps it up!!

Any help would be great!!



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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 9:26am
There's a list of abbreviations on the first page of this message board - I'll try a link.


Sometimes I still get confused by them too!

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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 9:36am
Hi there!

Thanks for the info. Somethings are not there though, like DH, that was perplexes me!!

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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 9:41am

DH, dear husband, of course days when I am mad at him it's been known as