My husband just lost his job again

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My husband just lost his job again
Fri, 05-28-2004 - 11:09pm
My husband lost his job 7 months ago. After unemployment ran out, he went out and got a waiter job. He was being trained for only 4 nights and told me he was fired. We were just laughing about this on my birthday, but I really did not think it would happen. He just isn't meant to be a waiter. But, all of this stress while I am trying to get just isn't going to happen! This would be the 6th time in 5 years he has been fired.

I am so sad and tired of trying to pull myself out of a deep dark place. How is all of this stress affecting me trying to get pregnant? After 6 months of trying and now being 40, shouldn't I be going to some kind of specialist? I just feel so lost.


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Sat, 05-29-2004 - 8:08am
Mary: So sorry to hear about your dh getting let go. My dh was laid off last August, he is still looking for a permanent job and has done contracting work since February (which is week by week). I do think the stress really affects the whole ttc situation...we try our best not to worry and "relax" (if one more well meaning person says that word to me I will throttle them...hee hee). It is difficult.

I try to make sure that I work out every day...preferably something aerobic... It helps cut my stress levels. Also, I read a book about stress and the best thing to do when you start to feel stress building is to take 10 super deep breathes....try to breathe in as deep as you can and then exhale as much as you can 10 times. This actually forces your body to relax...try works...

Sending you tons of baby dust...and understanding. Take care.


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Sat, 05-29-2004 - 11:42am
Hi Mary,

I am sorry sorry your DH lost his job. It is an extra pressure you don't need right now. Yes since it has been 6 months of TTC it is time to see an RE & have some tests done. Let us know what happens.

We will be praying for you.

+++++++++++++Prayers &++++++++++++vibes coming to you!!!!++++++++++++++

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