Need explanation for strange cycle

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Need explanation for strange cycle
Thu, 10-28-2004 - 8:54am
I'm having a strange cycle, and was wondering if anyone can offer an explanation. Today is CD30. At CD14, I was crampy and was spotting, bright in color. At CD 27, I was crampy and felt generally as though AF was approaching any minute, but that feeling has gone away. Yesterday, CD 29, my CM was heavy and thick. I'm confused. Someone suggested this may be an annovulatory cycle, but I still thought AF would come, and it would be due now. Did I not O a couple weeks ago? I'm thinking my cycle is really messed up, and now that my CM is so heavy and thick, could I be approaching O again so ssoon?Oh, I should also add that I was on BCP for years and recently came off. That no doubt has really messed me up! And before you all ask, no, I stupidly have NOT been charting. Can you say DUMB?

Anyway, if anyone has any input about this cycle, I'm all ears (eyes!)


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Tue, 11-02-2004 - 6:30pm
Since you spotted bright red on cd14, I would go see an OBGYN. Plus, you say that the cm is thick and heavy. Perhaps you might have infection? I would go see an OBGYN. Keep us posted and I hope that all is well.

Take care!