Need info on high fsh for a 32yr old

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Need info on high fsh for a 32yr old
Fri, 08-06-2004 - 9:50am

I am also a cl on an infertility board and we have a new member that is 32 and dealing with pretty high fsh.


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Fri, 08-06-2004 - 6:50pm
I've read a lot of books...the best 2 for high FSH in my opinion are:

1. The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis, Ph.D.

2. Inconceivable by Julia Indichova

The first book is much more specific on things you can do to assist with your fertility. The second gives some tips...but it's more the story of Julia's triumph over high FSH and going on to have a 2nd daughter, without IUI, IVF, etc.

Hope these help!