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Newbie Introduction
Tue, 01-20-2004 - 3:13pm
I have so far been posting and reading the IVF board and just decided to look around for more that apply to my situation. I had started an IVF cycle which I cancelled because only two follicles were stimulated and I decided not to risk the money that I may need later on a procedure with better odds at success. The odds are bad enough as it is. I decided instead to try an IUI/DI this time. I am using an unknown donor which is an issue that I also struggle with and is what has delayed this process for me. I guess I have still been holding out for "Mr. Right" and have finally had to give up on that. All the issues that kept me from using a donor seem trivial now that it is likely that I won't have my own biological child and will need donor eggs as well.

The IUI was last Monday, 1/12, so I am now in my 2ww. I can test on Saturday 1/24. I am trying to be positive, but having trouble. I want it so badly, but don't want to get my hopes up only to crash.

My plan if this doesn't work is to try at least one more time to stimulate my own ovaries for IVF and hope for a better "turn out" the next time. If not, then I'll try the IUI one more time, then move on to donor eggs or embryos. That's my plan for now....who knows about tomorrow?

Anyone else single? Success stories welcome.


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Tue, 01-20-2004 - 5:05pm

Hello Pammy and welcome to the board.


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Tue, 01-20-2004 - 7:22pm
I had my fertility work up done when I was 39. At that time FSH was 13, so high. I know it's different in different labs, but that's still high. RE didn't do workup again because he suggested donor eggs when I went back recently. I had been in once in between about a year ago b/c of irregular periods just to see what was going on and didn't do anything then. I was in a relationship for around 1.5 years, so I was hoping for something natural to happen. My partner wasn't opposed to no bcp to see what happened, but didn't want to go with me further than that. Timing is not right for him. He doesn't have kids, but was married for 10 years before me so he is gun shy to committment right now and is not that sure about kids. I think he felt safe in that nothing happened and thought nothing would, even though potentially it could have. Anyway....had to move on because this is too important to me. In a way sorry that the relationship took more of my biological clock, but I do really care for him so hard to be sorry for the time together.

I freaked out a little at going straight to donor eggs without trying mine at all, even though I knew it was probably necessary. RE told me we could try to see if he could stimulate me and if not, then I could cancel the IVF. At the point we found out I had only two, he gave me the option of IUI and said that we could try again in a couple of months if it doesn't work. We haven't discussed what protocol he'd try next. I'll get there when I get there, I guess. No harm in getting at least this far one more time. I can do another IUI if I don't stimulate well again. Two is not so bad for that, I don't think, other than the obvious quality issues and everything else having to work (I had an HSG in the original workup that was clear). I've never had a lap done, so don't know if I have any adhesions or endometriosis. I have had some pains in my left side off and on over several years that I think are more than ovulation. I've had ultrasounds that didn't find anything. I did have a hysteroscopy done by my OB/GYN because she felt something on that side and had trouble doing an endometrial biopsy because the opening to my cervix is very small. She didn't find anything.

The unknown donor cycle is pretty expensive, around double an IVF, at my clinic and seems that the supply is not that substantial. I have a friend who has offered and I may do that. I don't have information yet on availability of donor embryos here. I have asked for that information. If I am using both donors, anyway, then that will be less expensive. Especially if I have to try more than once. Fresh is probably better than frozen. I'll have to weigh it all out, I guess. I just bought a new house and don't want to have to sell it, but I might. Not that attached to it yet. It's really too much, but I wanted to move up and there was nothing in the market that was nicer without making a big jump up. An investment, anyway.

The drugs I used were lupron and 2 each of FSH and HCG. I did screw up my lupron and I am wondering how much effect that had on my cycle. I'll discuss with RE before going forward. I was in right before Christmas and their office was going to be closed much of holidays. I had to order drugs stat. Nurse had mentioned loaning me some in case mine didn't come in, and gave me lupron, but not the stims. I misunderstood. She gave me the lupron b/c it was a microdose the RE had mixed for me. I thought she just gave it to me because that came first and just in case. I used the lupron we ordered and gave back the lupron they gave me, not understanding that what they gave me was especially for me. That meant I had a SUPER dose for those first six days. .2 in a.m. and p.m. He said FIFTY times what he had actually meant. Ended up I didn't use the micro and he took me down to .05 in p.m. only instead. I am wondering if such a dose would suppress the stims. He originally said it didn't hurt anything, but I want to ask again.

I am supposed to be able to test on Saturday. I have a little bit of AF symptoms going on right now, though. A little tightness that seems to be pre-cramps. Nipples are a little sore, but I'm taking prometrium (pill progesterone). I had an HCG booster on Saturday and not sure what effect that has on me, either. I'm worried she's gonna come tonight. Hope not. In a way I'd rather see AF than to get as far as a pg test and see it negative. Because the hcg will be in my system from the booster, I can't test any earlier than a week from that injection.

Boy, this is a book.....sorry to anyone who gets into this...but it helps to ramble on....

I am interested in protocols for anyone my age with success....or just what is being tried in general for over 40. Interested in anyone who knows of successful DE or donor embies....or even FET without being donor.

Any info is appreciated.

Thanks for the reply. I seem to end threads a lot!