No heartbeat detected at 7 weeks

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No heartbeat detected at 7 weeks
Mon, 05-17-2004 - 12:14pm
Hi Everyone,

I am very sad to say that I went in for my second ultrasound (the first one the week before registered what they thought was a slow hearbeat at 100) on Friday and was told that there was no heartbeat. I was totally devastated and heartbroken as this is now my 4th miscarriage. Strangely enough I still am having symptoms of being pregnant (breast soreness, nausea at night) and the thought crossed my mind that maybe they were wrong and they just couldn't find the heartbeat. Since the ultrasound was done in a hospital here in NYC I would imagine that they would have state of the art equipment but has anyone had any experience where the ultrasound was wrong?

HOwever if they are indeed correct and there is no heartbeat this would be my 4th miscarriage. #1 happened when I was 31 and the rest have been since I have been over 40. i was told that I should have testing done with an RE and a Dr. Stein was recommeded to me.

I was also told to go in and have a D & C. At this point I am really concerned about having so many D & C's as I did read that this could damage the cervix. However the same exact thing happened to me last year and I waited to have a natural miscarriage. When it did come I bled so much and was in such excrutiating pain that I thought I was hemoraghing and dying so I went to the emergency room. I had a D & C anyway, and I was not happy about it.

Anyone out there have any experience wiht multiple miscarriages and possible causes? I was diagnosed recently with Epstein Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but was told that this should not affect my pregnancy.

I am so confused at this point. I have heard so many different things from different doctors, different people. I would just love to hear any personal stories from any of you ladies out there.

i am considering Dr. Beer, but know nothing about him other than he is well known. Any personal stories about experiences with him would be greatly appreciated as well.

Best to all of you ladies out there,



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Mon, 05-17-2004 - 12:44pm

I am so sorry to hear this.


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Mon, 05-17-2004 - 6:31pm
Jadu: I am so sorry to read your latest post. Wish there was something I could do or say to take away your pain.

I had a D&C for my one m/c. Afterwards, several friends mentioned how I shouldn't have had a D&C since I want to get pregnant again. When I spoke with my RE, he said that unless your talking 10+ D&Cs, you don't need to worry. He also said a D&C done poorly could cause problems...but in NYC I am sure you are dealing with experienced doctors.

Hope this helps...again, sorry for your loss.


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Mon, 05-17-2004 - 6:55pm
Hi Cathie,

Thanks for your reply to me. I really appreciate you sharing with me. i need to find out as much as possible so I can make an informed decision.

I will be seeing an RE as soon as the miscarriage is complete either by itself or with a D & C and I will ask them to test for blood clotting disorders too. Do they know what causes the blood clotting disorders? And are there any symptoms?

Also do you by any chance know what it was that Courtney Cox had that had her miscarrying? I know she tried several times and then found out what was wrong and was eventually successful.

I did recently have a complete bloodworkup here in NYC with a doctor who told me he tested for everything, but I have to ask him whether that was one of the tests. He did find active Epstein Barr and I wonder if that might have something to do with it? I am not sure. I will ask the RE when I see him or her.

I had a miscarriage in February 2003 and there was a woman who came to ask me questions while they admitted me after being in the emergency room. I am not sure of the exact number but she told me she had something like 12 or 14 miscarriages and then went on to have 2 healthy babies. She held my hand and told me not to ever give up, that if she could do it I could do it. i didn't have the wherewithal to get her number or ask her about whether she did any testing or anything. I have never heard of anyone having that many but it does give me hope that she kept trying and was eventually successful.

Thanks again for your support. These boards are really wonderful and you women are fabulous and brave.

Best to you,


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Mon, 05-17-2004 - 9:55pm

I'm so sorry and sad to hear your news. I was sure this was the one you would carry to term. I wish there was something I could say to make this better for you.

This may sound stupid or "too easy," but have you considered using progesterone suppositories and baby aspirin even if you are not with an RE? My current RE puts all women on these (the baby aspirin is just a constant, from the minute you walk in the door, and the progesterone starts the day after ovulation). The RE said you really cannot go wrong with progesterone, since it can't hurt you and there is no way to overdose. You would just need to get a doc to write you a script and find a pharmacy that makes the suppositories (you don't find them at the major chains but more likely at the smaller stores).

I have no idea if either one would help someone in your circumstances, but I am in favor of getting as much information as you can, so I thought I would put that out there.

Jadu, take good care and keep us posted on what you decide vis-a-vis a D&C. I hope it goes as painlessly as possible, given the situation.

Warm wishes,


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Tue, 05-18-2004 - 9:59am

Jadu I agree with the post that you should try the baby aspirin and progesterone.


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Tue, 05-18-2004 - 11:29am

Just checking in on you today to see how you're feeling.... I am so so sorry.

I agree with the other ladies regarding the baby aspirin and progesterone. My RE prescribed progesterone in the form of Prometrium tablets. I actually get these at CostCo ($20.00). They are in pill form but you insert them vaginally 3 times per day. I took these after my two IUI's. I am also taking these now (as we trying these next two months on our own before IVF) and take them a few days after I believe I've ovulated (I wait several days after I have "peaked" on my ovulation predictor and after my temp has dropped).

Please let us know how you're doing.... we are all here to help and support you.

Big ((((HUG))))


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Wed, 05-19-2004 - 12:44am
Hi Linda,

Thanks for asking. I am doing as well as can be expected. I guess I am sort of numb at this point. I went in to discuss the results of the ultrasound with my OB and it was a little traumatic for me to hear that it seems there was another sac in there that had probably had a fetus that had died earlier. It totally devastated me to hear that ( I have dreamt of having twins my whole life). Also it seems that the heartbeat must have literally stopped on the day of the ultrasound because the fetus had grown exactly a week in size.

I feel really strange still. Like I am still pregnant. I have intense nausea at night and my breasts are still really sore. i don't remember this from last time, but I was told it can happen. My OB said that in her 20 some years of practice the ultrasounds have never been wrong. Of course I am still entertaining a very slim shred of hope that maybe, just maybe, I could be the one person that they made a mistake with.

At this point I am determined to get back into the saddle so to speak and am even more determined than ever to have a healthy pregnancy. The more I learn about Dr. Beer the more I feel like maybe I might have an issue with killer cells that might have been attacking the fetus and placenta. I just can't imagine that all 4 of my miscarriages were from chromosomal problems.

i am a little angry at myself for not insisting on progesterone supplements and taking baby aspirin. My first OB told me not to take either one of them. So much for him. He is history!! And he is very familiar with my history too. I wrote to Dr. Beer and he told me that my progesterone levels were not good for someone with my history. Anything below 20 is considered too low in his opinion. His advice was to keep my progesterone at a minimum of 30.

Anyway, I feel like I am so grateful for having found these boards. I have learned soooooooo much from you ladies who have been incredibly generous and kind. thanks again for your support. I truly appreciate it.

I'm going to keep trying!!!

Best to you


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Wed, 05-19-2004 - 6:29pm
Hi Jadu,

I am so very sorry. I agree with everyone else that you should look into this further, progesterone, baby aspirin, etc. I don't know anything about D & C's, however I can tell you this; when I had a miscarriage last summer, I declined the D & C, wanting it to happen naturally; (the embryo had stopped developing but the placenta and pregnancy continued, so I still had symptoms)after waiting a couple of weeks, it still had not happened so my doc prescribed drugs to contract my uterus and complete the miscarriage. This was not pleasant but I did avoid the D & C. It is a very individual decision but if you want to avoid the D & C, there are other options.

Wishing you the best,


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Wed, 05-19-2004 - 11:40pm
Hi Jadu,

I am so sorry for your losses. I know what you mean about the D & C possibly creating scar tissue. How many have you had, was testing done & did they find anything? I am a patient of Dr. Beer & I just love him!!! He is so kind & far more knowlegable than any other Drs I have seen which has been many. I did see your post on the immunology board & know you will get a lot of help there. I am a little behind in my posting as I am in IVF #3 right now & had a bad week with 2 cars breaking down on 2 separate days, needing to be towed & messing up my appointments. I will see you on the other site & know that you will find success with DB & that the ladies will help you there, especially Jane who has had Beer babies & knows a lot about all of this. There are a lot of files there that you should read as well so you can understand the whole thing as it is complicated.

My prayers & with you.


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