Not feeling my best

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Not feeling my best
Thu, 04-15-2004 - 9:23am

Sorry I haven't been posting much but I have not been feeling well.


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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 11:07am
Hi Cathy

sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. I hope your waking up feeling a little better means that the OHSS is going away...

Still sending you lots of positive thoughts and sticky vibes,

take care, God bless,

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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 1:20pm
Hi Cathie,

I am sorry you have OHSS. What did your RE say? Is there anything they can do to reduce the fluid without effecting the embies?

Everyone seems to be sick this week. DH and I have 101 fever so I haven't been posting either.

I hope you feel better!

++++++++Prayers & +++++vibes coming to you!!!!!++++++++

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Wed, 04-21-2004 - 12:09pm

I hope by now you are feeling much better. I also hope you are in a situation where you can get the rest you need.

Keep us posted when you can, but don't worry about the board - take care of yourself!

All the best,