Not pregnant, depressed,hot flashes

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Not pregnant, depressed,hot flashes
Fri, 07-09-2004 - 11:35pm
I thought I may be pregnant because I had some spotting for a day instead of period. I had implantation bleeding with past pregnancy. I was due for period a couple weeks ago & still havn't gotten it. I have done several hpt & they are all neg. To top it off, I have now been having major hot flashes. Hot one minute, & cold the next. Not sleeping at night either. It has all come on so suddenly. I havn't been normal since my m/s in April. Am I entering menepause at 40? Can I even still get pregnant if thats the case? I am so depressed & afraid. Sometimes I would just like to die. Sorry, but thats how I feel. I feel hopeless & helpless. I also have an underactive thyroid to deal with too. Things don't look to promising. All for now, thanks for listening.
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Sat, 07-10-2004 - 3:05pm
Dear Hope,

I am sorry to hear about your symptoms, which seem very troubling. I would feel and wonder the same things as you in your place.

I would make every effort to see an RE as soon as possible to be evaluated. And, I personally would recommend seeking alternative therapy such as acupuncture and herbs, as well as lifestyle changes (I can itemize them if you are interested) if the results are out of normal range, since it is evident that we can increase our fertility even at "our age".

I truly hope the news is nowhere near as negative as you fear. Keep us posted!

All the best,

Lisa, 42 (43 this month, DH 46)

TTC #1 for one year

5 failed injectibles/IUI cycles

cd 23 of "natural cycle" (not holding my breath)

day 3 of Lupron in view of July/Aug IVF cycle

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Sat, 07-10-2004 - 3:27pm

I am so sorry to hear this news. It seems very early for you to be going through menopause though. You should have some blood work done for sure to see what is going on.

We will keep you in our prayers.

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Sun, 07-11-2004 - 11:52am
Sending you a big ((((HUG)))). I can understand you're worries (every time I sweat at night...I figure I'm going into menopause...)

I agree with the other posts to go to an RE and have some blood tests done...that will be the quickest way to figure out what's happening and the most proactive way to respond.

I think most of us have felt hopeless/helpless at one point in this process. Hoping you will have your fears allayed...take care.


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Tue, 07-13-2004 - 3:17pm
The ever optomist - is it possible that some of this may be due to your thyroid problem?

I know someone else on this board has one..... can't think of who.

Anyway - hang in there!