Ovulating Early

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Ovulating Early
Sun, 05-22-2011 - 8:52pm

So last month was my first cycle post cancelled-IVF.

:-) Brandy, 42 yrs. old

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Mon, 05-23-2011 - 10:05pm
Big hug Brandy, I know how frustrating it is waiting to get back to "normal". Took me 3 months after my surgery and lupron, it was a horrible long wait.... hang in there! =)
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Mon, 05-23-2011 - 9:17am

Hey Brandy. I have had that happen too. No meds, but just early O. Mine was like that for 2 cycles then went back to the normal CD 13 and 14 for O. Hang in there. I think it will get back to normal next time. I think it's just something our bodies do to reset itself.


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