PG at Nearly 48???

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PG at Nearly 48???
Fri, 08-01-2003 - 6:46pm
Here's the scoop...I'll be 48 in October. DH and I have been TTC for 2 years. We married (my second) his first in 2001. I had a TR done late 2000 and after 1 1/2 yrs of ttc w/no luck we had an HSG done and found that one tube completely blocked and the other isn't perfect. We gave up on getting pg naturally and started to investigate other options like DE/IVF. We were going to go for a December cycle and then DH had an accident and broke leg/arm and I got sent off to another city with my job. After two months not TTC for obvious reasons, I came home for a weekend and we BD. I normally have a 26 day cycle and now I'm on CD 30 and have been feeling quessy for about a week. I just thought that I was running late but now I'm beginning to wonder if that weekend with all the saved up swimmers did the trick! It would have been around the time I should have "O"d but didn't feel anything like I normally do...what do ya think...I'm out of town again and haven't mentioned it to DH...I'm afraid to test because it always seemed to jinx it in the past.

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Fri, 08-08-2003 - 9:57pm
Test test TEST!!!!!!! Sounds promising - please let us know!!


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Tue, 08-12-2003 - 4:49pm
sounds good to me. Good luck. TEST!
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Wed, 08-13-2003 - 7:02pm
All I can say is...good luck :)
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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 5:26pm
I've been looking for a post from you to see if you are pg?? Please let us know. I hope it was ++++ !!!
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Fri, 09-05-2003 - 9:08am
Oh that would give me so much hope!! I'm 43....and also had a TR done in late 2000....three years of trying (naturally except for 2 cycles of clomid)....

What are the results?????



Patricia B.

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Mon, 09-15-2003 - 3:30am
Hello! Best wishes and good luck, dmd1002, canookie 7 and everyone.

Can you tell me what a TR is? I'm nearly 46, but haven't had an HSG. I miscarried several years ago (with a slight infection afterwards). Having conceived previously, and now FSH at 14 - 21 the clinic doesn't think its worth doing any investigations. I wonder tho' - my sister has endometriosis and I've heard this can run in families and can affect tubes. Thank you - Clunas.