Please tell me about blood tests

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Please tell me about blood tests
Tue, 06-01-2004 - 8:19pm


Thank you to everyone who is helping me on the board. I am so glad I found this.

If I conceived this month, it was on May 24, day 12 I believe. I got my period in Hawaii and my days were all confused as there is a 6 or 8 hour difference. So, I think it was day 12.

Anyway, I wanted to ask what day would I get a blood test because I am concerned about taking progesterone. I took them in my second pregnancy because I read a book called how to prevent miscarriage...I think that I am having pregnancy symptoms. My breasts are very full and sensitive and I have almost constant cramping from my breasts down. I am not under any more stress then usual. I actually called my internist doctor to ask if she would call in a blood test. I don't know how much they cost or if I am completely embarrassing myself. I just think that there might be something here and I don't know what to do. We have insurance, but we have to pay the deductible. My husband has lost his job for the last 7 months I have posted and I really don't have the money to get the test. I can only imagine it must be at least $100.

Please send me your advice. I don't want to be 40 and pregnant only to experience a loss because I did not get on the progesterone soon enough. Please educate me.

Thank you from my heart,


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Tue, 06-01-2004 - 9:42pm
Hi, I would use a hpt close to the date your period is due. They cost about $12 or so, much cheaper than a blood test. They are very accurate. I know Planned Parenthood used to give free pregnancy tests. I don't think progesterone supplements would be prescribed before your period is even due. If you get a bfp then you could ask your ob/gyn to call you in a prescription. OB's usually do not even see pregnant patients until they are about 8 weeks or so.
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Tue, 06-01-2004 - 10:31pm
Hi Mary,

Are you seeing a Dr for this? I believe they would have to prescribe the progesterone for you. With IVF they start it as soon as they take the eggs our so in a natural cycle that would be after ovulation. As far as testing for PG it should be about detectable 14 days after conception.

Hope this helps!!!

We will be praying you get a nice BFP!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wed, 06-02-2004 - 11:32am

Mary I started my prog. as soon as I ovulated when I was on natural cycles.