Questions concerning OB selection

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Questions concerning OB selection
Tue, 11-29-2011 - 7:35pm

Hi ladies!

Even if I am not pregnant, I am planning to see an OB/GYN just for good measure. I have never really cared much about who it was when my focus was more gyno involved but for OB in my situation, I think it an entirely different animal. So here are the things I would like in an OB but please give me more suggestions.

1) I think the most important thing is a doctor experienced in high risk pregnancies - or at least AMA pregnancies. I think she must be willing to get me asap if I end up testing + in a few days.

2) I would highly prefer a D.O. as I have had better results with them, their diagnostics, bed side manner etc.. (plus hubby is a D.O. and he quite impresses me :)

3) I would prefer a female.... isn't this reasoning obvious?

4) I want a doctor with an open mind - not sure how I figure out what that take is - but I think the high risk/ama experience might take care of this.

Your suggestions: _________________



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Tue, 11-29-2011 - 9:50pm


OB selection at this point is very important. The first thing that I would do is start asking around. Most women have very strong opinions about their OBs. They can also let you know who to avoid so that you don't waste your time. Do you have a certain hospital that you want/have to deliver at? Not all Drs have privileges at all hospitals. You want someone that does not think that you are crazy to want a child at this age, who will be honest about your chances, but not negative or pushy.You want someone who has a good bedside manner and will listen to what you have to say. I have had female DRs that are horrible!!! so don't let sex be a deciding factor. Some women just can not empathize and some men can be very understanding and good listeners. I switched OBs after the birth of my rainbow (bad long story). I went to my family DR, who is AWESOME!!!!, and she referred me.The first thing the new OB did was go over my history. She then looked over my charts, explained about the problems of conceiving after age 35, and went though how they would treat me if I were to get pregnant. Basically high risk with lots of u/s and monitoring.She also said that she would refer me to an RE at any time if that is what I wanted. The one down side is that she is part of a large practice and you have to see everyone at some point after becoming pregnant, because you never know who will be on call when you deliver. This is very common. My best advice is to trust your instincts and remember that just because you start with one OB does not mean that you have to stay with them. Most OBs will accept patients up to 28 wks so if you are not getting what you need you can go somewhere else.I know from personal experience, that the OB that seams great in the beginning may turn out to be a jerk when you get farther along.

Good luck


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Wed, 11-30-2011 - 1:51pm

Mel gave you some great advice already, I don't have much to add.

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Wed, 11-30-2011 - 5:48pm
Thanks so much both of you! I have some calls to make, hopefully they will be willing to entertain calls over the phone. Since I am in a brand new area, I haven't met many people and none whom I know well enough to ask about which OB they used. I am going to have to do this on my own.