Seriously...aren't my chances still good

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Seriously...aren't my chances still good
Fri, 05-07-2010 - 9:24pm

Dh and I have had 4 children together in the past 10 years. We've conceived after just 3 weeks of trying each time. All of our children are very healthy, and the births went just fine.

Had our last baby just 2.5 years ago at age 40. Dh got a vasectomy, thinking we were done. We've changed our minds. Now, if dh gets his reversal, which should have good results since it was only 2.5 years ago, am I really at a high risk to either 1) Not conceive at all; 2) Have a miscarriage; or 3) Have a baby with either Down's Syndrome or some other birth defect?

It just seems hard to believe that just 2 or 3 years can make such a difference. I still have my periods regularly, and I am in good shape.

Sigh...I just feel I won't get pregnant this time or something.

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Fri, 05-07-2010 - 11:55pm

I think your chances are excellent, especially considering your last pg was only 2.5 years ago.


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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 4:43pm
I would try sooner rather than later, though. They say a women's fertility follows the trajectory of a waterfall instead of a gradual slope. Just go for it! - martha
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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 4:57pm
Sounds like your chances are great actually!! Look at your track record!! =)
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Sun, 05-09-2010 - 5:34am
I also think your chances are very good. It might take a bit longer, but then again it could happen right away. Your ease of conception is a good sign, as well as how recently you had success. The odds of having a baby with some issue does go up, but keep in mind that the odds of a healthy baby are still very much on your side. Do what you believe is right for your family, and don't let the naysayers get in the way.


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Mon, 05-10-2010 - 10:41am



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