Should I go for a third child at 45?

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Should I go for a third child at 45?
Wed, 06-04-2003 - 2:30pm
I have two lovely daughters both born after I was 40. Luckily both were easy conceptions with no help needed( Except for my husband's). I thought I was finished but now as my youngest approaches 3, I suddenly want another baby. I will be 45 in August. Does everyone want a baby as it becomes too late? Will the feeling pass? And, is there anyone else out there who has easily conceived at this age? Help!


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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 7:00pm
if you would reallly rather NOT have another child (as you stated ) do you think it is really fair to the child or yourseldf to bring a child into the world that you dont really want ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I think you probably dont want this child because you are prgnt

If you were not youd probabaly still be longing for a big belly.

Grass is always greener ...........

Gd luck with your decision

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Tue, 09-09-2003 - 4:34am
i had three babies after i turned 40...

my wonderful second husband and i have three beautiful, healthy children, which i conceived naturally. they were born when i was 40, 42 and 46(just 2 months shy of my 47th birthday). i realize that we are so very fortunate to have had no problems becoming pregnant, altho we did have a couple of early losses before our last child was born...(i then did use progesterone suppositories/baby aspirin daily as soon as i found i was pregnant) wishing you the very best of luck if you decide to try for #3!

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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 3:20am
first of all, please let me congratulate you on your pregnancy!

i know many women that longed to be pregnant, but once the pregnancy became a reality, the fears and ambivalence really hit home(along with the fatigue and morning sickness). please, don't feel that you are alone, because i believe that it is most natural to question making such a decision that will so incredibly impact and change your life (kind of like the "what have i done?!"). i trust that not only will your husbands' joy engulf you, but also the wonder of the gift you carry inside you. this child will bring you a happiness and pleasure beyond imagining.

my little boy snuggled his face into my neck tonight, as his father lie sleeping next to us. he gave me a few open-mouthed baby kisses and after saying "mama" one last time, he rolled over and fell fast asleep. i prayed that everybody would be able to treasure such moments. you simply will not believe how amazing it is.


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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 7:44pm
hello, I am 45 yr old.I am saved by the blood of jesus.I also beleive children are definatelly blessing from the Lord.I ha ve 3 sons from ex age 24,21 and soon to be 16 yr,old. I became saved with second husband he also paid for a tubal reversal at cost of $6,00.00 cash this year.I have never been concerned about other people opinion even our grown children. Trusting in the Lord i beleive he blessed us this month will know for certain by this week I look forward to raisng children again, and have enjoyed raising the other hubby married me with 3 and hae has 1 we have raised them as brothers and not step despite of what the other parents think.All boys respect the fact of that.In fact my mother wasnt happy about the tr I said mother i Love you dearly, but this is betwen my husband and our lord.She never brought it up again.As far as for the other 4 sons they are thrilled, and one of the sons actually gave hubby $1,00 for surgery.My grandmother had twins at 55 my aunt and uncle are 8 years older than I.Went to my gyn I told dont ned the lectur on downs syndrome and other possibiliteis cause of my age,I already know. She started laughin and started the testing.i also wenr to a doctor a bout a year before surgery.He told me I was too old and the risks were high of downs syndrome children.I told him well then I guess you better figure out how to put my baby boy son back and futher more I didnt ask you for your opinion.My baby boy has learning disabilities he is such a joy.There have been some cryind days, I just call on Jesus!!!