Snowflakes embryo adoption program

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Snowflakes embryo adoption program
Fri, 08-05-2005 - 3:33pm

Hi ladies. I am a sometimes-lurker on this board, and just after I read divinemom2b2005's message the other day, I heard a radio program on Focus on the Family about the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program. They match families who are done having babies but still have remaining frozen embryos, to other families hoping to conceive. It provides the genetic family with the assurance that their babies are born to good families. It also is a somewhat more affordable, and potentially less heart-wrenching and physically demanding option, in the quest to have a child. The other big point they promote is that it ensures that the embryos are not destroyed or used for research purposes.

It sounds like a really heartwarming program, and I felt compelled to share it with all of you. We "mature" TTC moms-to-be sometimes need to keep our options open, and this sounds like a positive choice that you might not have known about. Not for everyone, to be sure, but if you would like to read more, they have a website at

Hugs, prayers and baby dust to you all,