So I called the Doc

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So I called the Doc
Fri, 06-18-2004 - 10:46am
after getting good ol' AF yesterday, I consulted with my sister, the OB-GYN nurse, who said if I was going to her Doc, he'd probably NOT see me after trying for only 4 months but that I should call my Doc. My Doc's nurse called me back almost immediately and scheduled an appointment for the 30th. My sister didn't necessarily agree with how her Doc would handle it, she was just saying that he thinks people, even at our age, should try for a year first.

So it begins.

Anyway - can anyone give me an idea of what to expect at this first visit? I'm sure she'll want to know what I've been doing (O-testing basically - very regular) and then I'm sure she'll probably take some blood (progesterone and what else?). Anyway - I'm just in the curious stage now.....

Oh - this is my regular OB - the gal who helped me through my MC last year and emergency D&C - I switched to her after that, my previous OB was definately "old school" and not particularly understanding.

Just keep praying, I guess. :)

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Fri, 06-18-2004 - 4:03pm
The first thing they will ask for is a CD 3 FSH level. This is totally standard. They want to see CD3 FSH < 10, but probably will work with you if it is less than 15. Lots of clinics don't want to work with you if it is >15. Then they may ask you to do the clomid challenge test the next month, which is basically testing the same thing, but more strenuously. The idea of both tests to to find out your "Ovarian reserve". I wish you much good luck.
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Fri, 06-18-2004 - 11:02pm

I am glad they are seeing you. The basic rule of thumb is over 35 TTC for 6 months, time to get checked out. They should do a day 3 FSH level & some other basic b/w to test your overall health. it is a good idea to ask for thyroid testing as well. They should give you an U/S of your uterus for cysts, signs of PCOS, fibroids & lining. They should check your cervix for shape & other possible issues. They should also send you for a hyptersilpinogram to check for blocked tubes or other tubal issues. They should give DH an SA.

Hope this helps.

Keep us posted!

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Mon, 06-21-2004 - 9:58am

The other post gave you some good info on what testing you should be having done.


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Sun, 06-27-2004 - 9:03pm
I agree with the previous posts, and have a suggestion if your own doc doesn't mention this: progesterone, as soon as you've ovulated! I spent four years TTC with child #1, and my fertility doc FINALLY tried the progesterone (shots for me, but you can try the suppositories), which did the trick! Went in to a new doc to try for baby #2 three months ago, and asked for progesterone right away--got pregnant on the second cycle!

Progesterone is supposed to be secreted by the corpus luteum (popped follicle) after you conceive to prevent your body from having a period. Sometimes the corpus luteum doesn't do its job. Adding progesterone doesn't hurt anything, but if you're not wanting to wait long, it's a nice safety net for your pregnancy.

Best wishes!