SS2Gems (Leah) a response to your ?

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SS2Gems (Leah) a response to your ?
Tue, 03-23-2004 - 8:37pm
To make a long story short.... or shorter... My DH and I started TTC when I was 44 and saw an RE when I was 44.5. During my time working with this RE (who was marvelous BTW!) I did 2 clomid cycles - 1 with IUI. One cycle with Pergonal and IUI. Then many cycles using Gonal-F. We did one GOnal-F and IUI cycle but then decided to dispense with the IUI to cut costs as my DH did not have any sperm problems and I seemed to get postive betas on many cycles with or without the IUI so we felt it was unnecessary. We then blew the bank and did one IVF cycle. We finally got a pregnancy which stuck using Gonal-F (4 amps per day) and just bd'd naturally. For all my cycles I did a Profasi shot to force O when my follicles reached mature size as I had a crummy LH surge. We had decided to stop TTC at the end of our second year of trying and I got pregnant in November just shy of my 46th birthday and gave birth to a wonderful son in August the following year. Hope this story helps.... Pat
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Wed, 03-24-2004 - 3:45pm

Thanks so much for the response! Wow it certainly is overwhelming and dizzying hearing about all of the different meds - we haven't done any yet so all of it is somewhat like listening to a foreign language. I do appreciate the details and actually wrote down your med history on a legal pad so that I will recognize some of it if it comes up in my treatment plan.

Right now we are 2 days away from DH's SA, I'm 3 days away from cd21 progesterone b/w, my cultures were all neg so as soon as AF arrives I will be scheduled for dye test, and we meet with RE on 4/1 to discuss treatment options - hopefully! I don't know quite what to expect, if IVF is even a consideration I only have 6 mos. to have one before my insurance co. will no longer pay (you're SOL on the day of turning 46!) and if my ins. co. requires a certain no. of IUIs or other treatments first, we're financially screwed for any potential IVFs. We initially didn't think we would consider that route, given the 4% success statistics for IVF in 45+ year-olds, but it would be nice to at least have the option, financially speaking, even if it's not a first choice for treatment.

Yes! Your story is - of course! - very, very encouraging. I appreciate you taking the time to share it with me. And heartfelt congrats on your litte boy who I have NO doubt is the light and joy of your life!

Hopefully will be able to keep in touch and report positive news at some point down the line!



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Thu, 03-25-2004 - 9:25pm
Hi Pat,

Wow that is great!! It is always wonderful to hear these success stories it keeps us going!!!


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